How This Rural Textile Merchant Became 'GST Ready'

Anand Kumar is a rural cloth merchant from UP, India. He has been into the textile business for two decades now. While initially the business was growing at a snail’s pace, it gradually started making profits. There were a lot of things that made Anand struggle in his jounery as a business owner, but it was nothing compared to the troubles he had to face when the Government of India introduced the Goods and Service Tax.

Coming from a poor family, Anand was not well educated. In fact, he hadn’t even completed his schooling. He got into the workforce from a very young age. His lack of education, however didn’t become his obstruction. He was doing well with his business. He even hired people to look after the tax issues. There was not much trouble for him there. That was before the coming of GST.

Once GST got enforced, his tax advisors got really busy and there was no one to help him understand this new form of taxation. For a while, he remained quite tensed. However, he started learning things on his own. His wife (who has more educated than him) helped him look up GST and everything related to it on the internet. He watched videos on YouTube. This helped him get a clear understanding of the new tax regime.

Two years from then, Anand has become an expert at handling GST related issues. He uses online tools like this online GST Calculator to calculate taxes on his goods. He even trains his employees to handle tax issues. His business has now become one of the biggest in his area. Thanks to the internet and all the free resources that it offers.